Mar 09 2019,04:30 PM
Kuwait Motor Town

About Gulf Run Karting Endurance Race - 2019

The GulfRun Karting Endurance Race will take place starting on Friday 8th of March 2019 at Kuwait’s most advanced go-karting facility, Kuwait Motor Town 

This event was launched in 2011 to create an exciting motorsport competition in Kuwait, with the first edition being 26 hours long – the first of its kind in the region. Over the past 5 years, GulfRun Karting has evolved into a fully-fledged endurance race that follows International regulations from start to finish. With professionalism in mind, the race is marshalled by a certified team and the karts have been purchased specifically for this race.

The GulfRun Karting Endurance Race must be performed by teams. The size of each team must be a minimum of 4 drivers and a maximum of 12 drivers. Teams will have the option of competing in one of two categories:

  • Rookie: 50% of the dirvers must be newcomers (meaning they have not participated in GulfRun Karting Race before)
  • Elite: More than 50% of the drivers must be experience (meaning they have participated in GulfRun Karting Race before)

In addition to the exciting endurance race, the area around the track is converted into a fun carnival before the race. Several activities, local stores and restaurants will be available to participants and visitors of all ages to enjoy during the race.

For booth registration please contact: 99865666, 98800873 

So assemble your crew and put your go-karting stamina to the test!


Total Participant

Category Price

Category Price  
Full Payment 1200.000 KD Register
Optional Practice (1 Hour 6:30PM - 7:30PM) 150.000 KD Register
Optional Practice (2 Hours 6:30PM - 8:30PM) 220.000 KD Register

Registration Outlets

Name Contact no. Email Address
Pro-Vision Sports Management +965 9880 0003 Al Mirqab, Abdullah Al Mubarak Street - Al Enma Tower, 12th Floor

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a competition between teams that battle it out to determine who can endure a 24-hour go-karting race.
It will take place on Friday the 8th of March 2019 at Kuwait Motor Town, starting from 4:30 pm
Minimum drivers: 4, and Maximum drivers: 12
You can have 1 Team Captain and 1 Assistant Captain. However the management will mainly only communicate with the Team captain. No other driver is authorized to communicate with the management on behalf of the team.
No, the captain doesn’t necessarily have to drive in the race but if he is one of the 4 drivers on a team he is required to drive.
Drivers will only be allowed to race with an overall and helmet. No overall or helmet no race!
The registration fee includes the booth area, and registration fee. Branding and Practice session need to be purchased separately.
If you do not attend the drivers briefing you will be penalized with – 1 Lap per driver.
All drivers have access to the Pit area. Family and friends will only have access to the VIP/Friends area.
For everytime you want to change a driver the captain or the assistant captain (if the captain is driving) must come to the driver change area and show the officials their authorized ID badge in order to enter the driver change area. ONLY the changing driver and captain are allowed in this area at one time. Anyone that violets the rules and regulations of the race will face penalties decided by the management.
Right after your registration you must submit your branding for the tent banner, flags and kart stickers.
Every driver before racing must weigh-in with the race officials and anyone weighing less than 80kgs will be provided with a wristband with mentioned additional weight on it. This is to ensure all karts are the same weight during the race. The officials will provide a wristband that has the additional weights mentioned to add up to make the weight 80kgs
No weigh-in, no race. If you will be late for any reason for your weigh-in, your captain must inform the officials in advance.
First and foremost, it is a means of discovering the world of karting and having fun amongst friends. The SWS offers various rankings: age ranking, gender ranking, track ranking, national ranking and an International ranking, allowing everyone to vie with their friends at whatever level they wish.
No, Gulf Run Karting Endurance Race is open to drivers of all levels.